Our Services

Our services have a clear focus on everything that includes making a show or a tour happen. Travel arrangements, logistics, visa assistance, pre-production/advancing to production management for both local productions and tours as well as tour management.

We focus on the three following service families:


01. Travel Agency
& Logistics

With our travel agency service, we specialize in band & crew air travel and everything tour logistics. You have 13 band and crew members from 6 different airports who have to arrive at one airport at pretty much the same time? These are our favorite kinds of challenges. We have become a full blown travel agency with direct access to the airlines via a global distribution system.

02. Show

Running your local production from the very first email until the truck doors are closed. Our show production services include production management as well as stage management/crew chief services with our proven experience at paramount Swiss locations.

03. Tour

We started our own careers as musicians and road crew and are deeply routed in tour life. In addition to offering tour services ourselves (tour management, production management, light design / operations), we also focus on everything behind the scenes such as complete pre-production, advancing etc, so all you need to do is show up and run the day.




Travel Agency & Logistics

We specialize in providing travel and logistics solutions for bands and crew. Band travelling by air have some very specific needs which clearly put them apart them from leisure travellers. We understand these specific needs and are dedicated to offer you itineraries which just work. Over the years of working with all kinds of bands, we’ve noticed that a lot can go wrong with flights, from the booking process to problems with checking in excess luggage to lost luggage. While of course there’s always something that can go wrong, our focus is to create a situation where these risks are minimized: Transfer times well above the minimum connection times, all luggage prebooked and prepaid where possible, airlines (and airports!) that have proven to work out, and most importantly, an itinerary that makes sense for the show you’re flying to.

You have 13 band and crew members from 6 different airports (looking at you, Behemoth & Eluveitie) who have to arrive at one airport at pretty much the same time, ideally with varying amounts and destinations of baggage on both trips, some of which are only overweight on the first leg of the trip because it’s merch you are going to sell? These are our favorite kinds of challenges. We have become a full blown travel agency with direct access to the airlines via a global distribution system.

On top of that, we’re also happy to help with ground transportation (nightliner, vans, shuttles etc), hotel bookings and visa support, including USA P1.

Give us a try and see how we make the difference.





Show Productions

We proudly serve major Swiss promoters such as Good News Productions, ABC Productions, X-Tra Zurich, KIFF Aarau and plenty more as a one-stop-shop show production partner. By taking care of the complete production management from pre-production, on-site production through the show until the last trucks are loaded and leave the venue, we offer an integral service and aim for the highest level of service quality, with the lowest possible amount of costs generated. We also offer local stage management/crew chief services and have good connections to site planners.

We are very happy to have been able to produce shows, or be part of productions, at iconic Swiss venues such as Hallenstadion Zurich, Wankdorfstadion Bern, Stadion Letzigrund Zürich, Samsung Hall Zürich, Theater 11 Zürich, Komplex 457 Zürich, X-Tra Zürich, and many more.




Tour Productions

We started our endeavours in the entertainment production world as touring crew in 2012. Patricks first ever job was driving a band for a tour in an uncomfortable old French van mainly held together by rust and high hopes. From there it was a slow but steady way ahead via selling merch, learning to run lights (or all of the above on the same tour), later specializing on light operations for venues, slowly shifting to tour management to also taking on the whole live production management for bands.

We are deeply rooted in the tour life, and are available to take on your tour productions. Services offered include production management, tour management, light design and light operations.

And if you need a task we can’t do ourselves personally, we have a vast network of road-proven crew that we love working with and would be delighted to put you in touch with.

On of our main services in tour productions is everything that is pre-production and advancing. Quite some of our clients actually use our services only before the tour, then take care of the small day by day issues on the tour by themselves. We strive to minimize these everyday tasks to an absolut minimum, by running a thorough and efficient preproduction operation (schedules, logistics, parking, rider/backline), and use tools like Master Tour to keep everybody in the loop from the distance. All this of course also ties in greatly with our travel agency and logistics services.

We are proud to being able to offer a complete service package when it comes to tour preparations as well as the tour itself.