Preproduction and travel logistics were actually the last things we outsourced as ENSLAVED has become a busier and bigger band – those are the essential services that so many actors in the scene deliver as just a “by-product” of their main activities; with usually horrible results. What a horribly wrong mindset – these are the services we need to be done best and most accurate as they affect us as we are travelling and fighting the good fight behind promoter lines. We finally found the right partner to do this for us as we got introduced to Patrick and his company. He understands the artist’s needs, looks out for the artist-wallet as well as having full knowledge of, and respect for, the counterparts in production and travel. He follows through, delivers and is efficient. All we can ask for.
— Ivar Bjørnson, Enslaved

Having Patrick and his company on our side for Pre-Production for some our key Management clients has been a top notch experience. Finding the best but yet comfortable solutions while working with restraining budgets is a great strength. On top of that he is always on and we is super quick in fixing if necessary. A truly reliable partner for us with the best solutions and network.
— Simon Füllemann, AISA Music

Patrick Häberli has been an essential part in touring globally with Obscura since 2016. Being part of our team and assist in everything from logistics to tour management aside from being an artistic and high profile light engineer, our shows increased their standard profoundly.
— Steffen Kummerer, Obscura

Ever since Patrick started assisting us in the travel & logistics part of the booking agency job, we have more time to focus on what we’re actually supposed to do. It has saved us countless hours of frustation and misery and for that, we are most grateful. Thanks for making our lives more bearable guys!
— Luc & Luuk, Doomstar Bookings

Heiko neu.jpg
If it comes to pre-production Patrick is always on top of things, fast with answers, always effective, but in a polite way.
— Heiko Krumpholz, RTN Touring

Calm, thorough, dedicated and extremely effective, we’ve rarely been such at ease on tour than with Patrick. He handled all our shows, travels and improvisations smoothly and with open-mindness.
Add great human qualities to the mix and you’ll get a glimpse of what Solver Productions is.
— Mathieu Tappolet, Promethee

I have been working first with Patrick and what has become Solver Productions for quite a few years now, and there has always been zero doubt regarding their services, capabilities, motivation and final outcome of the project - to a point where he’s the most recommended contact in my list of partners and associates.
— Chris Noth, Fireant Music etc